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Construction is in its late stages at The Flats at VillaRosso, and we are getting ready to celebrate with a topping out ceremony on Friday, August 3rd! It’s no secret that Denver, Colorado has exploded with new construction over the past decade, but the people behind the projects are sure to honor ancient building traditions, including the topping out ceremony. The builder’s rite of topping out dates back to 8thcentury Scandinavia and is still practiced in many parts of the world. In the United States, prominent building projects are celebrated with the raising of a tree (and sometimes an accompanying American flag) to the uppermost beam of the building.

Although modern day topping out ceremonies vary by region and culture, ancient Scandinavians mounted the uppermost branches of the trees used during construction to the top of completed buildings. This practice ensured that the spirit of the fallen trees would still have a home, despite no longer being rooted to the ground. Over the centuries, the significance of this once crucial ritual has lessened, and its popularity has fluctuated greatly, but the way we perform a topping out event has remained pretty much the same.

There are many different ways to celebrate. In New Zealand, workers observe the milestone with a “roof shout”, which involves cake and beer for everyone involved. In the Netherlands, the occasion is “pannenbier”, or “tile beer” in Dutch, during which a flag is raised for a short period of time and the workers are usually treated to free beer. On large skyscrapers all over the world, the last beam is painted white before everyone signs it, accompanied by a raised flag. Although the traditions are different, builders all over the world take the time to celebrate the occasion.

Today, we still acknowledge construction milestones, but the gesture is less of a spiritual practice and more of a symbolic celebration and message to the community that the project is reaching completion. Topping out has a place alongside traditions like ribbon cutting and groundbreaking in the construction world, and is a great opportunity to share information about the residences, businesses, and other purposes of the new building.

The Flats at VillaRosso is looking forward to celebrating its own topping out event on August 3rd, and we hope you’ll join us! Our brand new condominium project features sweeping west-facing views, underground parking, and access to an ideal pedestrian lifestyle in west Denver Tech Center. These 1- and 2-bedroom homes are just steps away from popular restaurants, retail shops, and the Belleview Light Rail Station in DTC. For more information on living at The Flats at VillaRosso, contact our team today!