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Many homeowners are embracing the small-property trend. There’s a lot to like about downsizing, including less space to clean and an opportunity to start fresh with just the essentials. If you’re thinking about moving to a smaller residence, you may be concerned about keeping the area clutter-free. Curious about how to make a cozy home feel open and airy? Here, we share space saving ideas for making the most of the space.

Use Home Designing Software

Before you get started with the moving process, consider using free home designing software. Tools such as Homestyler and Planner5D will help you visualize how your furniture will look in each room, so that you can design the most space-efficient options.

Choose a Coffee Table That Doubles as Storage Space

If you often find yourself reaching for a comfy blanket or a scented candle to light, opt for a coffee table that has hidden storage space. A coffee table that doubles as extra storage is an excellent solution for smaller homes, as you’ll always have the essentials at arms’ reach when it’s time for some R&R on the couch.

Hang Wall Shelves

When your goal is to keep the floor as open as possible, steer clear of cumbersome shelving. Wall shelving has become a popular solution for homes of all sizes, but they’re especially practical when you’re trying to conserve space. Wall shelves are a great option for showcasing your book collection or displaying odds and ends, and they’re well-suited for the bedroom or study.

Additional Tips

If you’re hoping to make your home appear spacious and open, there are several optical illusions that are easy to implement. Adding a mirror will instantly make the room feel larger, especially when paired with light colors. Homes painted in darker hues often feel a bit cramped, so if you’re hoping to maximize the space that you have, consider opting for light or neutral shades.

Regardless of the property size you’re shopping for, space-saving ideas will always come in handy when it’s time to move in. If you’re on the search for a contemporary condominium in an unbeatable area, the Flats at VillaRosso will perfectly suit your needs. Our community is nestled in southeast Denver, where residents can enjoy the best dining and entertainment in the city. We offer a variety of floor plans, which range from 821 to 1500+ square feet. If you’d like to learn more about our selection of newly constructed condos, please reach out to our team.