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Ah, Colorado – the provider of a Rocky Mountain High and one amazing mountain view! For those of us who live here, beauty abounds. From the mountains to the prairies to the buffalo roaming the plains, there’s a reason our state’s population has boomed.

Sure, looks aren’t everything, but they’re a nice touch. And – when you live in a place where the beauty of Colorado is put on display day after day – it’s a reminder of why Colorado is in a class all its own.

So, what are some of the advantages to waking up with mountain views? They include:

Mountain views begin your day on a high note

Starting things off on the wrong foot doesn’t guarantee a bad day. But, it doesn’t help, either. When mountain views are the first thing you spy as you glance out your window, it’s easy to jump out of bed with joy (or at least less regret that you don’t have a few extra hours to snooze).

Mountain views remind you why you live here

Whether you’re a native to Colorado or moved here by choice, mountain views help to remind you why this state is home. In fact, Colorado often makes the top ten lists of most beautiful states in America. And, of course, the mountains are among our best feature.

Mountain views are an ideal way to incorporate mindfulness

If you begin each morning with a mindfulness practice, whether it’s yoga or meditation, the mountain views can certainly help. They exude serenity, a perfect complement to your practice. They might be more likely to encourage regular practice, too.

Mountain views offer a strong resale value

You may have no intention of moving. But, if you ever decide to relocate, mountain views can increase your price. Relators specifically note when a place of residence has mountain views. Why? Because they’re a strong selling point.

Mountain views might improve your health

Sure, a mountain view is no replacement for regular exercise or fruits and vegetables. But these views can influence your perspective, and that can improve your health. The body and mind connection is strong – people surrounded by beauty are better able to fend off negative emotions. It’s the opposite phenomenon of Seattle, where living among rain and fog puts people at greater risk for depression.

Mountain views are an appealing addition to any residence. They allow you to feel one with nature from the comfort of luxury. They allow you to experience the great outdoors while sitting only a few feet from indoor plumbing.

If you’re ready to buy in Denver, consider the Flats at VillaRosso. Once finished, our new community will be conveniently located just south of Belleview Station, with plenty of mountain views and more. Reach out to our sales team to learn how to make our home, yours.