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Warm summer evenings are the perfect setting for a happy hour at your home. You already have fabulous, easy drink recipes; now you just need to know how to stage something that is simple and inviting. Here’s everything you need to know for hosting a successful happy hour.

Keep it simple

The fastest way to make your happy hour a stressful hour is by trying to do too much. You don’t need to have six different types of drinks and hors d’ouevres in order to have a successful evening. Pick one or two drinks to serve alongside one or two finger foods. Try hosting themed happy hours, like Taco Tuesday or French Fridays. For the former, have margaritas and Palomas alongside a tiny taco bar; for the latter, serve French wines and a cheese plate with crudites.

If you’re unsure of what to serve at your happy hour, wine is a great place to start. Offer a pinot gris and a pinot noir–both go well with food and will please sommeliers and wine novices alike–or encourage your friends to BYOB.

As for food, you don’t need to create a spread in order to have a great time. Snack food like pretzels or chips and salsa are great; as are more complicated dishes. It all depends on how much prep work you want to do. A happy hour can be successful with a store-bought cheese plate or a homemade tapenade.

Prepare ahead of time

Instead of setting yourself up for an afternoon of work before your happy hour, prepare throughout the week. Buy your alcohol and any groceries mid-week and prep food dishes the night before so all you have to do as the host is put everything out for your guests. Remember: this is a happy hour, not a work hour! You should be having as much fun as your friends; don’t give yourself a lot to do right before or you’ll be too stressed to enjoy yourself.

Take off the pressure

A happy hour is a laid-back time meant for no-pressure socialization. Don’t try to get everyone to play a game; instead, put some light music on in the background and let people do as they choose. An open-concept kitchen works really well in taking off the pressure: everyone can gather in the same space and interact while you prepare food or pour more drinks.

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