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Belleview Station

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Denver is an environmentally-conscious city, and many of our residents have an interest in reducing their carbon footprint and staying healthy. Biking offers an excellent alternative to driving or taking public transportation, but large metropolitan areas usually aren’t very bike-friendly. Interested in learning how the Mile High City stacks up against similar cities when it comes to bike-friendliness? Here, we share details on Denver’s best bike routes in prominent areas like Belleview Station and the downtown area.

Denver’s Biking Stats

In 2016, Redfin rated Denver the fourth most bikeable city in the country. Approximately six percent of employees in downtown Denver bike to work each day, and city officials hope to encourage this number to grow. Several up-and-coming areas have added safe biking trails, so our area is becoming even more bike-friendly.

Best Places to Bike

Hoping to give biking in Denver a try? Here’s what you need to know about routes if you’re planning to hit the trails rather than get behind the wheel.

The Denver Tech Center has excellent hike and bike trails, including extensive biking paths near Belleview Station. Bicycle and pedestrian paths branch from Belleview Station and extend to many areas throughout Denver and beyond. Whether you’re traveling north through Denver or south to Littleton or Greenwood Village, Belleview Station’s safe, wide bike paths offer a variety of easily accessible routes.

If you plan to travel through the heart of downtown, you’ll be pleased to discover that Denver Moves continues to make progress in implementing safe and convenient bike routes. Curb-protected lanes are available along 14th Street and Wynkoop Street, and the RTD system also makes it easy to choose flexible transportation. If you’d like to bike more often but can’t commit to a long commute, bring your bike to an RTD stop and transport it the rest of the way to your destination.

Denver is proud to be one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country. Denver Moves plans to achieve a 15% bicycling and walking commute rate by 2020, so residents can expect to see more bike lane progress in the coming years. If you’re interested in hitting the trails for recreation or to cut down on energy usage, be sure to choose a neighborhood that offers convenient transportation options. Our new community, The Flats at VillaRosso, is located just minutes from Belleview Station. It’s a breeze for our residents to hop on the Light Rail or take the hike and bike trails, so you can explore Denver and the surrounding cities without relying on a private vehicle. In addition to our prime location, each unit is designed with luxurious touches for a modern lifestyle. To learn more about current availability, please reach out to our team.