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Summer Reads

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Nothing quite says summer like lazy weekend days reading a book on a balcony, by the pool, or on the beach. Reading relieves stress, prevents Alzheimer’s, and makes you more empathetic. It’s also a great way to spend an afternoon or a vacation during these hot summer months. So whether or not you want to read a book by yourself or start a book club/happy hour, here’s a list of the best summer reads of the season.

Sorority by Genevieve Sly Crane

Read this if you… want to relive college and see the inner-workings of the Greek system. Sororityis a compelling debut that manages to do many things at once. It’s a mystery-meets-drama-meets-coming of age book that examines the harsh realities of a sorority at an unnamed college in Massachusetts. The book centers around the mysterious death of Margot, a sister in Room Epsilon. Each chapter is told from the perspective of a different sister, and readers will love the twists and turns the story takes as each narrator grows and changes following Margot’s death. This book is a harsh take on Greek life that explores love, friendship, age, betrayal, dreams, and so much more.

Meaty by Samantha Irby

Read this if you… want to laugh loudly and often. Samantha Irby is back with another collection of sizzling essays, this time with a laser-focus on the stumbling blocks of early adulthood. The bestselling author of We Are Never Meeting In Real Lifehas an acerbic wit and the desire to lay bare all of the skeletons from her closet. Her essays are sharp, hilarious, and often touch on issues like self-esteem, health, and dating.

Circe by Madeline Miller

Read this if you… love Greek mythology. Madeline Miller returns with another innovative re-telling of a mythological story. This time, she tackles the story of Circe, Zeus and Hera’s daughter, who struggled to find her place in the worlds of men and gods. This masterful story traces Circe’s life and interactions with a plethora of familiar faces, from Daedalus and Icarus to the Minotaur and Odysseus. This book is a great choice for those who want a taste of the fantastic and magical.

Some Trick: Thirteen Stories by Helen DeWitt

Read this if you…want to lose yourself in a book. Helen DeWitt is unmatched in her ability to weave  complicated, wildly entertaining stories. This book features thirteen different voices that may or may not know each other, and each will leave you hungry for more. The book is an unflinching, often-hilarious examination of possibility in terms of storytelling and life itself.

The Woman In The Window by A.J. Finn

Read this if you…want an edge-of-your-seat thriller. This book is the best summer pick for those who are fans of Gone Girlor The Girl On The Train. A.J. Finn has crafted a story that Stephen King called “remarkable” and “unputdownable.” Alcoholic and agoraphobic Anna thinks she witnesses a crime in the house across the way. What follows is a tense, Hitchcockian thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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